The bagheera is a type of fine, soft and fuzzy velvet that does not wrinkle easily, is resistant, durable and has a great fit.

It was widely used in the manufacturing of evening gowns, skirts and glamorous and luxurious robes. It was also used in headgear and served as a substitute for fur in jackets and coats until 1940.

A more rustic version of the fabric can be found in decorative items on furniture such as chairs and armchairs.

Unlike the ordinary velvet, which is very shiny, the Bagheera has an opaque appearance and was initially made of silk. There are imitations of the fabric made of rayon crepe.

Unfortunately, this type of velvet went out of circulation with World War II.

Example of a type of hat that was made with the use of Bagheera.

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Bibliography: Callan, Georgina O’Hara; Enciclopédia da moda de 1840 à década de 90 / Georgina O’Hara Callan ; verbetes brasileiros Cynthia Garcia : tradução Glória Maria de Mello Carvalho, Maria Ignez França – São Paulo : Companhia das Letras, 2007.

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