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Afro is a type of hair with several sub types. The afro hair has great significance for the black community, as it is a symbol of pride for them which praises their roots.

The Black Power hair style is a good example, as it’s not only one of the most famous afro hair styles but also a social movement.

The afro hair styles come from different places across the world, each place giving the specific hair style a different social and local representation.

At the cover image we can see one of the types of afro hair, a short version of the dreadlocks.

Below we can see a slide show with a few types of afro hair: the Black Power, the Long Dreadlock, the Flat top, the loose ringlets, the braided afro, the geometric and the waves.

Below the slide show there are two videos that cover the history of the afro hair in one hundred years, beginning in the 1910s and ending at the 2010s. The first video is about the male african american hair, and the second one is about the female african ethiopian hair.

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