Amies, Hardy

He was a British fashion designer. He was born in London on July 17, 1909. Initially he wanted to be a journalist, and when contacting RD Blumenfeld, the then editor of the Daily Express, through his father, he decided to follow his advice and went on a journey to enrich his life experiences. He spent […]

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Black Amber

Black Amber or Jet is a stone extracted from the decomposition of wood or coal found in Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast of England; it’s used from the construction of statues to the manufacture of jewelry. In the 19th century it became popular after being associated with mourning jewels, but its use can be traced […]

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Amazonlife is a Brazilian brand created by partners Bia Saldanha and João Fortes in 2000. The brand makes bags, briefcases, clothes and accessories from treeptap, a patented method in which the Amazon’s indigenous and rubber tappers extract latex that is transformed into rubber ideal for their products. Due to financial problems, the Bia and João […]

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High Fashion

In French Haute-Couture (Couture means Sewing and Haute means High). Haute couture consists of handmade luxury clothing, with only one copy per model, making all haute couture clothing a unique luxury item. To be considered a Haute Couture brand, the fashion brand must belong to the “Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture” (Union of Haute […]

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Also known as Alpargata or Alpercata, it is a type of shoe made with rope soles (braided with jute, sisal or raffia) or rubber that is attached to the foot by a strip of fabric or leather. It has an Arab origin, and once had a social nature to it, since it was representative of […]

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