Balmoral Petticoat

The Balmoral Petticoat was basically a petticoat shorter than the usual one used for sports. Widely used between 1860 and 1870, it was colorful and appeared on the hem of dress skirts that were used over the top. It could be used with crinoline or have bows built into the petticoat with horsehair reinforcements, to […]

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Petticoat is a type of underwear that was originally a men’s shirt that reached the hip. It was in the Middle Ages that it was transformed into women’s clothing. Soon it was replaced by the underwear shirt. Its use, as a bottom skirt, fastened by ribbons and fabric strips, began in 1585 when the desired […]

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In fashion the term “hourglass” refers to one of the shapes created by woman’s silhouette. It was the ideal body shape of women between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. At that time the use of the tight corset reduced the waist and accentuated the bust and hips, thus […]

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Amorim, Carla

Carla Amorim is a jewelry designer from Brasília, Brazil, who has been working with jewelry creation since 1993. The designer revolves around three important points that constantly inspire her. They are: The flora and fauna, that is, nature in all its forms; the architecture of Brasilia and the works of Oscar Niemeyer; and her religiosity. […]

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