Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina is the heroine of one of Liev Tolstoy’s most famous books, “Anna Karenina” from 1876 (same name as the character). In the book, her clothes are described in several details which turned her into a fashion icon.

Anna Karenina’s fashion is that of the end of the Victorian era, with the transformation of the crinolines, petticoats and bustles, which began to create great volume on the back of the dresses. As the book takes place in Russia, where the prevailing fashion was French, which, as said, went through the period of using oversized hanks on the back (it was also a fashion used in England and other countries). Women also wore a lot fur.

An example of clothing of “Anna Karenina’s” time.

Anna Karenina’s attire can be seen in some films based on the book, such as: “Love” from 1927 with the costume of Gilbert Clark; Anna Karenina from 1935 with the costume of Adrian; Anna Karenina from 1947 with the costume of Cecil Beaton and the most recent, Anna Karenina from 2012 with the costume of Jacqueline Durran.

Anna Karenina ended up becoming a term to design glamorous, romantic models and adorned with fur.

Another meaning is that of a type of coat from the 1960s that was cut to any length adorned with sutache and with a small circle of skin around the neck.

Example of clothes from the time of the book “Ana Karenina”.

Bibliography: Allan, Georgina O’Hara; Enciclopédia da Moda: De 1840 À Década de 90: Companhia das Letras, 2010.

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