Also known as Antoine de Paris or ‘Monsieur Antoine’. He was a very famous hairdresser that was born as Antes Cierplikowski, in Sieradz, Poland, in 1884. He started working as a barber apprentice and trained to be a hairdresser with an uncle in Łódź. Soon after, he went to work for Pawel Lewandowski, Poland’s most […]

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The bustle can be considered an evolution of the crinoline. It, like the crinoline, is a frame used to enlarge a woman’s hips, leaving the back or hips accentuated. The bustle came into fashion shortly after the end of the Franco-Prussian war in 1871, and was used until the 1880s, when it was replaced by […]

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Anorak or Anoraque is a type of jacket that goes up to the hips with a hood. It is especially made for being used in sports of cold weather. It is made of non-permeable, thick and resistant fabric; its hood can come with Inuit fur. Its name is believed to have been originated from the […]

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Annie Hall

Annie Hall, in the world of fashion, is the clothing style adopted by the character of Diane Keaton in the Woody Allen movie “Annie Hall”. The fashion designer Ruth Morley worked as a costume designer along with Diane Keaton. Together they created looks for the character made of clothes with accentuated silhouettes and pieces of […]

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The aniline is an organic compound that serves as raw material for various dyes. Its creator was William Perkins, who discovered it by accident when creating the first purple dye. The indigo, green and magenta colors were created subsequently. The use of the aniline dye has been being replaced by that of the tar tar, […]

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