Annie Hall

Annie Hall, in the world of fashion, is the clothing style adopted by the character of Diane Keaton in the Woody Allen movie “Annie Hall”.

The fashion designer Ruth Morley worked as a costume designer along with Diane Keaton. Together they created looks for the character made of clothes with accentuated silhouettes and pieces of men’s clothing such as blazers, pinstripe vests, shirts, baggy trousers, ties and men’s hats. The looks also mixed clothes from well-known brands such as Ralph Lauren with clothes from unknown brands bought at thrift stores.

The Annie Hall look became a trend instantly, and persists up until today.

A scene from the movie Annie Hall.

The Annie Hall look.

Bibliography: Allan, Georgina O’Hara; Enciclopédia da Moda: De 1840 À Década de 90: Companhia das Letras, 2010.

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