Aquascutum is an English company created in 1851 that started its work as a tailoring shop in London. In 1853, its founder, John Emary, created a new kind of waterproof wool and soon obtained its patent. After patenting it, he changed the name of his store to Aquascutum, which is Latin for “shield against water”. […]

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It’s the act of applying pieces of fabric to other fabrics or pieces of clothing. The use of patches was mainly made by people of low or no income at all, such as slaves, but it became wildly common in the 20th century. Patches first became a trend in the 1950s, when felt motifs were […]

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Antonio Lopez was a highly successful fashion illustrator. He was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico in 1943, and moved with his parents to New York, specifically to the Hispanic part of Harlem, in 1950. Since he was little, Antonio showed talent for drawing and his mother, who was a seamstress, encouraged him to get involved […]

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