Azagury, Jacques

Jacques Azagury is a Moroccan fashion designer born in 1958.

He moved with his family to London when he was just six years old. There, he studied at the London College of Fashion and at St. Martins School of Art during the early 1970s. In 1978, he presented his first show in Harper’s & Queen magazine.

During the 1980s, he caught the attention of the public and critics when he was named one of the most promising designers by Vogue and Harper’s & Queen magazines. In 1987, he opened his concept store in London’s Knightsbridge district. In the same year, he launched the “New Romantics” collection, and during its launch, he was introduced to Princess Diana by Vogue magazine editor, Anna Harvey.

From then on, he began a partnership and friendship with the princess that lasted until her death in 1997. Azagury takes credit for Diana’s iconic style, as he was one of her favorite designers.

Dress worn by the princess at the Ritz Hotel in Paris at the celebration of Sir James Goldsmith’s victory in election to a seat in the European Parliament.
Dress given as a gift by Jacques to the princess on her 36th birthday, worn at the Tate Museum in London.
Red dress with a long v-neck in the back; it was worn by the princess at a press conference and then, in the same day, at a Red Cross gala in Washington on June 18, 1997.
Dress worn by the princess in a royal performance of the ballet “Swan Lake” at the “Royal Albert Hall” on June 3, 1997.
A dress worn by the princess on two occasions; first in London, in 1995, and then in New York, in December of the same year.
A dress worn by the princess in Venice in June 1995.

His style is of the purest elegance and glamour. The stylist says that when creating, he likes to have his imagination taken by the fabric he chooses for each new collection, with every new collection being an evolution of the past one. What inspires him are old photos of his mother and her friends having fun, always wearing the chic style of the time, in Casablanca. He also says that, although he loves traveling, he is not inspired by his trips.

Actress and lady Helen Mirren wearing Jacques Azagury on the red carpet in 2017.

To this day, Azagury’s clothes are synonymous with elegance, and are sought after by people of high society and royalty as well as dancers and rock stars.

Below we can see part of the Spring/Summer, 2019 collection.

Jacques Azagury, Spring/Summer 2019.


Jacques Azagury, Spring/Summer 2019.


Jacques Azagury, Spring/Summer 2019.


Jacques Azagury, Spring/Summer 2019.


Jacques Azagury, Spring/Summer 2019.
Jacques Azagury, Spring/Summer 2019.


Jacques Azagury, Spring/Summer 2019.

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