Azulay, Simão

Simão Azulay was a fashion designer from Pará, Brazil. He was born in 1950 and died in 1988 due to complications of AIDS.

He was the brother of fashion designer David Azulay, of the Blue Man band, and father of fashion designer Thomaz Azulay, of The Paradise brand.

He had a great impact on Brazilian fashion in the 1980s.

He left Pará in 1962 with his family and moved to Rio de Janeiro. There he had a hard time finding clothes that fit his style, so he started designing his own pieces. He started his fashion designer career by making clothes with the help of his mother, who embroidered them.

The designer Simão Azulay posing for Brazilian Vogue.

Simão created three clothing brands, “San Sebastian” and “Chez Simon”, during the mid 70s, and “Yes Brazil”, the most famous, created in 1979.

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With “Yes Brazil”, Simão was one of those responsible for introducing the Brazilian cultural movement Tropicalism into fashion. He worked a lot with brightly colored shirts, military-style clothing, and studded delavé jeans. He also enjoyed working with themes from Brazilian culture, such as its national fauna and flora.

Next, there is an interview made to the newspaper Manchete with a mini fashion show of 4 looks (the video must be watched until the end, as there are cuts in it) and a video made in 2016 for a tribute to Simão Azulay made at Rio moda Rio in which you can capture a little of the fashion designer’s style:

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