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The balaclava is a type of hat created for protection against the cold.

Grace Kelly wearing a Dior’s balaclava.

The Battle of Balaclava happened during the Crimean War in 1854 in the region of Balaclava. An entire British brigade was commanded to attack the Russian army, which largely outnumbered it, setting up a major historic event called the Charge of the Light Brigade.

During this time, British and American women used to knit balaclavas in khaki, the color of camouflage, for soldiers, and it was after this battle that the balaclava gained the name it still has today.

They are usually made of knitting or crochet and today are widely used by climbers, skiers, race drivers, as well as police officers and protesters who need to hide their identity, being very common among the Black Bloc group.

Balaclavas were present on catwalks in the 1960s and mid-1980s, having also made its return in 2018.


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