Mariana Aiex de Mattos

This blog was founded by Mariana Aiex de Mattos in response to her study of the the book “Fashion Encyclopedia” by Georgina O’Hara Callan, both in its American and Brazilian editions. It’s edited and codirected by Carolina Aiex de Mattos.

The posts are based on information taken from both versions of Callan’s book and also on research found on the internet, so the number of sources varies according to the entry that it refers to. For a more complete research, it is suggested that the readers delve deeper into the topic that they are researching.



Throughout our study, we realized that in the future it will be necessary for us to introduce original entries that unfortunately none of the versions of the books cover.

We are currently in the process of improving the entries of the letters A and B, as well as other areas of the site in order to provide better quality of service to our readers and customers.

This blog is a translated version of the original Brazilian one and goes according to the Portuguese alphabetical order. The Brazilian version can be accessed via the site: http://www.amodaresumida.com

We provide, at the end of each post, a link to its Portuguese translation and to the blog’s Pinterest folder where several images are gathered.

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