Art, Goût, Beauté

Art, Goût, Beauté (AGB) was a periodic fashion magazine printed between the years of 1921 and 1933 previously known as Art, Goût, Bon Ton. It was considered the best fashion magazine in France and covered the presentation of new pieces of clothing by well-known designers at the time, such as Paul Poiret, House of Worth, […]

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Amies, Hardy

He was a British fashion designer. He was born in London on July 17, 1909. Initially he wanted to be a journalist, and when contacting RD Blumenfeld, the then editor of the Daily Express, through his father, he decided to follow his advice and went on a journey to enrich his life experiences. He spent […]

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Also known as Alpargata or Alpercata, it is a type of shoe made with rope soles (braided with jute, sisal or raffia) or rubber that is attached to the foot by a strip of fabric or leather. It has an Arab origin, and once had a social nature to it, since it was representative of […]

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Agnès b.

Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé is a French designer born in Versailles in 1941. She graduated from  École du Louvre in Paris. At seventeen she caught the attention of Elle magazine, in a flea market, where she sold clothes with a unique and stripped style, and started working as an assistant editor for the magazine. After […]

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Baker, Josephine

She was an exotic entertainer (a singer, a dancer, an actress), an activist and even a spy. Born Freda Josephine McDonald on July 3, 1906, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Her parents were poor performers and raised Josephine in a neighborhood that housed many vaudeville theaters, which functioned as movie houses, exposing her to showbiz […]

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