Anorak or Anoraque is a type of jacket that goes up to the hips with a hood. It is especially made for being used in sports of cold weather. It is made of non-permeable, thick and resistant fabric; its hood can come with Inuit fur. Its name is believed to have been originated from the […]

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The Angora is a fiber and kind of wool extracted from the Angora’s fur. It’s found on two types of animals, the Angora rabbit and the Angora goat. There is also the Angora cat, but its fiber isn’t extracted for the making of wool. Angora animals come from Turkey but are now bred in captivity […]

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Agneau Rasé

Also known as Astrakhan, it’s a fur from the Russian Karakul lamb. It was widely used for cuffs, collars and hats until the 19th century. In the 20th century, a fabric that mimics the fur was created, with the same name as Astrakhan. Above, in the cover image, we see the Karakul lamb and below, […]

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