The balaclava is a type of hat created for protection against the cold. The Battle of Balaclava happened during the Crimean War in 1854 in the region of Balaclava. An entire British brigade was commanded to attack the Russian army, which largely outnumbered it, setting up a major historic event called the Charge of the […]

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Agha, Mehemed Fehmy

Mehemed Fehmy Agha was descendant of Turks and was born in present-day Ukraine in 1896. He had a key role in difning the job of the art director in magazines of early 20th century. He graduated in arts and later in economics when he lived in Kiev. After moving to Paris he graduated in Oriental […]

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Baker, Josephine

She was an exotic entertainer (a singer, a dancer, an actress), an activist and even a spy. Born Freda Josephine McDonald on July 3, 1906, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Her parents were poor performers and raised Josephine in a neighborhood that housed many vaudeville theaters, which functioned as movie houses, exposing her to showbiz […]

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