The bustle can be considered an evolution of the crinoline. It, like the crinoline, is a frame used to enlarge a woman’s hips, leaving the back or hips accentuated. The bustle came into fashion shortly after the end of the Franco-Prussian war in 1871, and was used until the 1880s, when it was replaced by […]

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Balmoral Petticoat

The Balmoral Petticoat was basically a petticoat shorter than the usual one used for sports. Widely used between 1860 and 1870, it was colorful and appeared on the hem of dress skirts that were used over the top. It could be used with crinoline or have bows built into the petticoat with horsehair reinforcements, to […]

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Petticoat is a type of underwear that was originally a men’s shirt that reached the hip. It was in the Middle Ages that it was transformed into women’s clothing. Soon it was replaced by the underwear shirt. Its use, as a bottom skirt, fastened by ribbons and fabric strips, began in 1585 when the desired […]

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Black Amber

Black Amber or Jet is a stone extracted from the decomposition of wood or coal found in Whitby, on the Yorkshire coast of England; it’s used from the construction of statues to the manufacture of jewelry. In the 19th century it became popular after being associated with mourning jewels, but its use can be traced […]

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Albornoz also known as “Burnous”, is a long cape of white or brown wool with a hood. It has an Arab origin, but was also widely used in North Africa. The Albarnoz gave rise to the mantle of the 19th century. Today, it is used mainly in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. It can be adorned […]

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Aigrette, heron in french, is used to describe the heron’s or osprey’s feather used to adorn a headpiece. Initially it was used alongside precious stones to adorn the turbans of Ottoman sultans and their horses’ chamfron. It started to be used in the uniform of a certain rank of the French army. And it had […]

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Baby Doll

The baby-doll is a nightwear. It was first produced in 1942 by Sylvia Pedlar. Its creation was the stylist’s way of facing the lack of fabric caused by World War II. The name baby-doll came from the 1956 American movie “Baby Doll”. Pedlar didn’t like and didn’t use the term to talk about the pieces […]

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